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New free site for easy finding Chinese characters for beginners. It works as simple as 女 + 也 = 她

To find the meaning and prononciation for a popular Chinese character, just put together its small parts! Scroll down and click them!

New way to find a Chinese character!

Hint: skip any Chinese finding explanations for the first time and just start clicking the characters below.
丿 䒑 𠂉𠂉 𠆢𠆢 广 ⺈ ⻌ 𰀁𰀁 𧘇𧘇 阝 𠂇𠂇 𠃌𠃌 㐅 ⺊ ⺌ L⻖ ㇇ 龴 廿 龷 ⺮ ⻊ ⺀ 龰 㔾 龶 𠃊𠃊 ⻏R 𠫔𠫔 西 ⺍ ⺩ 㓁 ⻗ 龸 𦉫𦉫 𤴓𤴓 㕣 𠄌𠄌 ⺧ 𡗗𡗗 𰀢𰀢 𠫓𠫓 ⺶ 𠃓𠃓 𡰪𡰪 ⺵ 㠯 㐫 𠬤𠬤 寿 𢀖𢀖 𦍌𦍌 𬺰𬺰 𢦏𢦏 㡀 𣥂𣥂 ㇄ 㐬 ⺗ 𰆊𰆊 㳟 𠅃𠅃 𫠣𫠣 𠄐𠄐 㦮 𰀡𰀡 𠂎𠂎 㐄 㐱 龹 𠔉𠔉 䖝 龺 𠂋𠂋 𡨄𡨄 𠬝𠬝 𢆉𢆉 𦈢𦈢 𣦼𣦼 𭃂𭃂 𦣻𦣻 𫩠𫩠 𬜯𬜯 𠃋𠃋 䏍 𠀐𠀐 㝵 R 齿 ⏛ 𩵋𩵋 䖵 㓞 䍃 𠂤𠂤 䩗 退 便 巿 宿 𦥑𦥑 ⺪ ⺜ 㸚 𠃜𠃜 𦐇𦐇 𢛳𢛳 𣁋𣁋 𢆶𢆶 𡬠𡬠 𠤕𠤕 𠮛𠮛 𡕩𡕩 𠬶𠬶 𠂢𠂢 氿 㚘

This is important! How to learn finding Chinese characters faster?

OK, have you just seen a catchy Oriental T-short or a mystery Asian tattoo? And do you want to find the Chinese character to know what does it mean, don't you?

Finding a Chinese character is easy with this free site! First, take a picture. Then, try to slowly break the Chinese character apart to several small components and click them one by one. A lot of components are available above.

***** Quick example! Tap 又, 爫, 𠂇, then finally and you will find 爱. And this character means LOVE *****

Congrats! You've done it. You can find any Chinese character components this way to assemble your own character from the
HSK exam set (2644 popular simplified Chinese characters).

So, start finding and tapping the parts from the Chinese character that you want to type and translate.

Good news! You don't have to draw anything fastly using a mouse or your finger. It may be cool (iOS, Android), but doesn't work easily with Chinese characters like for the beginners, who want the exact result.

But you can start building the Chinese characters from its parts right now just like LEGO sets only with simple clicking on the building blocks above! Below you will find a few important rules to help you to find Chinese characters without making any mistakes:

0. These rules help to navigate the table, they are for absolute beginners, — (c) David Bowie, — just like you and me. I'm just a coder, who loves Chinese.

1. Let's call a first real rule 'See one symbol, but tap the other!' Once I spent hours trying to find the Chinese character from a graffiti and nothing worked out because I'd been looking for the ヌ among the building blocks). Surpise! This character just equals the partner from the right side, 又, so you must tap 又 twice. It's so simple as 又+又 if you know the trick! As for the ヌ, it's a letter of Japanese Katakana, you won't find it in the table above. Always look for the 又 instead of the ヌ.

2. While finding the repeating Chinese characters, tap them one by one in a line. I mean, click any additional characters at the very end. In other words, tap 月,月,山 while searching for 崩. Or 又,又,又,又 for 缀.

3. Our hearts often make us make mistakes! And works the same way! So, if you looking for something like 思 with this unusual bottom part, or having the same pattern 忽 or 息, tap the 心 character first, — and then any upperparts. I made the heart red.

By the way, the Chinese character 心 crossed by '一' means 必 (must). Well, sometimes we have to do something that we don't like.

4. While handling a Chinese character with the ⻏ components, be careful. They have different meaning, which depends on its position in a symbol (at the left or the right side).

Right '⻏', for example, gives you a gallery (廊). But the left '𠂇' could bring a fall (堕). I made the marks 'L' and 'R' to help you to pick up the proper building block. And the Chinese character without the marks looks for both forms simultaneously.

5. For the cases with 'legs' like (at the bottom), tap the '⻏' symbol. It's just like the situation with the heart above, there are no special characters for some simplified forms.

6. In general, to build the Chinese character like-a-LEGO set, don't be in a hurry. First, try to found the biggest, but simple puzzle parts like 又, 目 or 贝. As a rule, you should look thru no more than several first lines, to find the first key.

7. And as we all know, most Chinese words contain two, three, and even more characters. Click the Chinese character to find out the HSK words using it — or copy the character to clipboard with the button to search in a bigger dictionary.

8. The base contains 2644 simplified Chinese characters from the HSK exam and more than 5000 words with them.

9. How could I forget about the following? The character is not the 囗 one! The second partner, from this pair, often contains something inside of it. But the first character, the blue one, is always empty!

Click them in the table above to see a big difference.

10. Can you see the whole your character on this page? Tap the S=Stop icon after clicking it to know the meaning!

Need help? Any assistance with finding a Chinese character?

In a case, when you don't know how to find a Chinese character here, send me an email to chinese.site.help@gmail.com Please, fill the field Subject with the word 'Chinese'.